Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Rain....glorious rain!

I tuned in to local TV news on this morning and the announcer said.....

"It's a sad, wet commute today.  Rainy and wet, and a bit colder."
Huh....sad?????? Not a chance!  We are the 2nd driest state in the USA folks.  Our high temperatures have been in the 90's and the low has been in the 70's and 80's for the last few weeks.  That's Farenheit folks! It's been HOT, HOT, HOT.  The grass is dry, the garden is dry, and the rain is a blessing. I wish it would rain for days and days. It's lovely outside. The air smells fresh and clean and I have all of the windows open wide in spite of a few errant drops coming through. The air is a bit crisper and it's not at all cold.  It's in the 70's. Its delightful and not in any way sad.

Hopefully, the rain will help the firefighters with containment of the many wildfires throughout the state.
As alarming as the smoke plume across the valley and over the mountain from The Homestead was, the orange sky and sunset glow made for a beautiful photo of the granary last weekend.
The rainy mist outside today reminds me of the weather we had in San Francisco last week.  The view from the Legion of Honor in Lincoln Park is lovely.  Can you see the Golden Gate Bridge peeking through the trees?  In my opinion this art museum is one of the loveliest places in the city. It overlooks the ocean and the Presidio.  And this is just the parking lot of the museum.  The art collection is amazing.
I must be off.  I've been taking a little break from cleaning out the freezer.  There's a lot to catch up on here.  I may have to get back to wall paper steaming today too.

Have a good week.


  1. I hope that you enjoy the rain! SF is a lovely place isn't it, and I am always happy to see a picture of the bridge! xx

  2. It sounds like you're busy and having a wonderful summer Bonnie. Those wildfires are scarey -- add an earthquake -- what next for the homestead??? I hope the rain puts the fires out and that you have a great week!

  3. Gorgeous photos of your Homestead . . . Happy for your rain!

  4. Bonnie, we got some rain 2 nights ago! It was glorious and beautiful. They are turning water shares off now for some. Love the pic of the granary. San Francisco sounds great right now. It has been a hot and dry summer. Joni

  5. I’m with you, I love the rain! No watering the garden or flower pots. We have had a great deal of rain here, my tomatoes do not like all the rain and cool weather, but I do. Hope you were able to enjoy your day. Great pics!

  6. Oh, please come to my house and steam wallpaper!
    We're happy about the rain, too! Yay!

  7. Amen.
    So grateful for the rain, and the cooler temps.

    Lovely pictures of the old place.


  8. We are just getting some rain this evening. Yes, what a blessing! I hope it carries on for a few days.

  9. We're in the same boat, but no rain yet:( We sorely need it, and drought or no drought, I LOVE the rain! I'm glad you are getting some moisture!

  10. More rain than I could take, so I headed to St. George this weekend. We didn't go to my friend's pool once in August and usually the "Ladies Who Lunch" are there several times a week. We always bring a dish to pass and it is so fun to make something new for them so I haven't enjoyed August at all! I know it is good for cutting down on fires and water so I will quit my whining!