Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Off the needles...finally!

Church mouse yarns and teas Wee ones Baby Wrap sweater

I liked this quick knit, and I would categorize it as EASY.  I changed up the yarns a bit.  I used Koigu variegated yarn and Blue Sky Alpaca yarn and turned it "inside out" so the stripey look was integrated and less stripey.  I also used the pink Blue Sky yarn for the tie and ruffle.  I didn't like the bulk of the tie going all the baby around baby's back so I added a snap to the underside to hold the left side wrap down and just added the tie to the one side.

It was a bit boring knitting all the garter stitch ridges but I now have another project for the "hope chest".

Friday, August 29, 2014

I'm still here...just busy. Wallpaper, paint, and repairs.

 It started with me doing this...to the living room, the entry staircase, the upstairs hall, and the dining room.
Almost twenty years ago we had wall paper installed and I was ready for a change.
One paper steamer and a lot of vinegar/water and elbow grease in essentially what is 4 separate rooms and I was ready for the painters to work their magic.
 Most of the furniture went to the garage and the family room; dishes and sets of crystal into boxes...do I really have that much dinnerware?  Yep, seems the sideboard holds A LOT and that necessitated a trip to the second hand store to donate some of those accumulated items. 
Some help from Brooke, Nate, and Abby with last minute stripping paper and moving the heavy pieces which were the table and the sideboard in the dining room...
 and the grand piano in the living room...
the family room got the miscellaneous stuff like the paintings, the piano bench, assorted side tables and chairs, and the draperies.
The painter assures me he'll be finished by the holidays; Halloween, not Thanksgiving.  Thank goodness.
So I'm still here, just not "here" on the blog much.  Oh, and did I mention I'm knee deep in remaking a wedding dress for a dear friend?  See you soon (I hope).

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Rain....glorious rain!

I tuned in to local TV news on this morning and the announcer said.....

"It's a sad, wet commute today.  Rainy and wet, and a bit colder."
Huh....sad?????? Not a chance!  We are the 2nd driest state in the USA folks.  Our high temperatures have been in the 90's and the low has been in the 70's and 80's for the last few weeks.  That's Farenheit folks! It's been HOT, HOT, HOT.  The grass is dry, the garden is dry, and the rain is a blessing. I wish it would rain for days and days. It's lovely outside. The air smells fresh and clean and I have all of the windows open wide in spite of a few errant drops coming through. The air is a bit crisper and it's not at all cold.  It's in the 70's. Its delightful and not in any way sad.

Hopefully, the rain will help the firefighters with containment of the many wildfires throughout the state.
As alarming as the smoke plume across the valley and over the mountain from The Homestead was, the orange sky and sunset glow made for a beautiful photo of the granary last weekend.
The rainy mist outside today reminds me of the weather we had in San Francisco last week.  The view from the Legion of Honor in Lincoln Park is lovely.  Can you see the Golden Gate Bridge peeking through the trees?  In my opinion this art museum is one of the loveliest places in the city. It overlooks the ocean and the Presidio.  And this is just the parking lot of the museum.  The art collection is amazing.
I must be off.  I've been taking a little break from cleaning out the freezer.  There's a lot to catch up on here.  I may have to get back to wall paper steaming today too.

Have a good week.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Fun in the Sun....

I've not been here at the blog for a while.  We've been busy.


There's been beekeeping, berry picking (and eating of course), jamming, some really good summertime menus, a bit of vacationing which included yarn and knitting of course,  there was some reading on the veranda.

It was hard to concentrate on anything but the Pacific view, but we managed to tough it out and sit on the veranda quite a bit, morning, evening, and through one slightly foggy afternoon.

There was some wallpaper stripping going on (and a lot more of it that has to happen, unfortunately).

There was even a summer birthday, which is new for our family.  It's fun to add son-in-laws and some new summertime celebrations.
I hope your summer is going as well as ours.  I'll be back.  I'm off for a bit again.

Friday, June 20, 2014


The bee yard.
 If only the bee suits were a bit more flattering!  My age is showing...can you see my reading glasses under my veil?  I need them to see the teeny tiny eggs on the brood frame during an inspection.

Can you see the bees collecting nectar and pollen in the center of my poppies in the kitchen garden?

The new hive is doing well.  It's thriving.  I've put on a new brood box and a honey super.  Bees are amazing creatures.  We are having a good time learning about them and watching them.  I have a whole new understanding of the phrase, "Busy as a Bee".

This is a frame from the brood box.  The bees have made the white wax on the black foundation.  When they make the wax hexagons it's called "drawing out the wax".  This is the nursery of the hive.  The queen is at the left of the frame where you see a little circle of bees around a yellow middle.  She is laying.  We have twice as many bees this week as last.  Hurray!!!!

Dale is patching the limestone mortar on all the stone buildings at the homestead.  The bee holes in the house are patched...thank goodness.  No more swarms!  I like my bees were they belong, in the hive not in the wall of the house.

Have a great weekend.